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Content manager for dynamic websites


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PHP Nuke is a PHP and MySQL based content manager, or CMS, for the development of dynamic websites. Thanks to its modules-based frontend and its ease-of-use, it was for many years, one of the best alternatives for creating and managing subscription websites.

With its hierarchical system, it’s very easy to create a web registration system and manage permissions for users who can also interact with the site by adding or modifying content.

Among its many features are: customization using themes, the creation of news feeds, a menus system for organizing downloads on the website, the inclusion of chat room modules, an internal messaging system and index cards for user accounts, among many other features.

Even though the program is not used very much anymore, its latest versions have been updated to support SQL, BB2Nuke and it has incorporated several security upgrades.

You need to have a server that supports PHP and MySQL.

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